12-03-2023no imageWhat’s causing severe respiratory illnesses in dogs?
Veterinarians say there could be a number of reasons for the uptick in cases of atypical canine respiratory disease, including declines in ...
11-17-2023no imageSouth Korea unveils plan to ban dog meat by 2027
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11-07-2023no imageB.C. veterinarians' mental health worsening | On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko | Live Radio | CBC Listen
Dr. Fraser Davidson, the Society of B.C. Veterinarians’ board president, says Canadian veterinarians have been experiencing extreme burnout and worsening mental health due to staff shortages, an increase in pets, and the round-the-clock stress of the job.
10-20-2023no imageVeterinarians on high alert after canine influenza reported in Calgary | Watch News Videos Online
Watch Veterinarians on high alert after canine influenza reported in Calgary Video Online, on
09-22-2023no imageMore than half of U.S. dog owners are skeptical of canine vaccinations
Veterinarians say people’s reluctance to vaccinate their pets has increased significantly since the pandemic ...
07-21-2023no imageVeterinary labour shortage being felt across Canada
A severe labour shortage is affecting the quality of care veterinarians can provide to Canadian pet owners and animal producers
07-14-2023no imageAnimal-rights groups urge Ottawa to ban strychnine poison for causing unnecessary suffering
Alberta is the only province in Canada still using strychnine to kill animals, including wolves and coyotes
06-27-2023no imageThis Is The First Vaccine For Honey Bees To Stop American Foulbrood
As I'm sure you know, earlier this year, Dalan was the first company to create a vaccine for bees approved by the USDA.
04-14-2023no imageWhat is aquaculture? It may be the solution to overfishing.
From seaweed to shellfish, this fast-growing industry is ensuring that humans have enough protein for our diets. Here's what to know about ...
04-04-2023no imagePet dog infected with avian flu but risk to public is low, federal government says
The dog in Oshawa, Ont., was infected after chewing on a wild goose and developed symptoms and died
03-29-2023no imageThe high cost of owning a pet
Animal behaviourist Enid Stiles talks about how to be smart with rising cost of pet ownership.
03-16-2023no imageWorld's first octopus farm proposals alarm scientists
A plan to build the world's first octopus farm has raised deep concerns among scientists over the welfare of the famously intelligent ...
03-15-2023no imageThe U.S. Has a New Favorite Dog Breed—and It’s Controversial
A new dog breed has waddled its way into Americans’ hearts. While Labrador retrievers were the most popular purebred dog for a record 31 ...
02-12-2023no imageSyrian veterinarians save pets, farm animals who lost their humans in earthquake
Workers from Ernesto's Sanctuary for Cats in Syria dug through rubble to find a dog injured by the earthquake and lost from its humans. ( ...
01-30-2023no imagePharmacist alleges firms curb supply of pet medicine to hike prices
Wendy Chui alleges in a complaint filed last week that pharmacists are being blocked from stocking pet medicines, which they are legally allowed to dispense
01-11-2023no imageUC Davis Researchers Study Telemedicine for Cats
Life turned remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. People worked, learned to cook, chatted with loved ones and completed countless other ...
01-07-2023no imageThe first-ever vaccine for honeybees has been approved by the USDA
CNN — The United States Department of Agriculture has approved the first-ever vaccine for honeybees to prevent American foulbrood disease ...
12-12-2022no imageEndangered sea turtles aided via free diagnostics
Enhancing the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtle species via diagnostic imaging is the driving force behind a VetCT offering.
12-07-2022no imageWhat Research is Saying About Supplements for Horses – The Horse
Scientists are studying the safety, efficacy, mechanisms of action, and pharmacokinetics of equine nutritional supplements.
12-07-2022no imageBig cats: US Senate unanimously passes bill to curb private ownership
Image caption, Conservationists estimate as many as 7,000 tigers are living in the US either in zoos or privately owned ...
12-02-2022no imageB.C. researchers to explore domestic violence’s impact on pets
The role of pets within incidents of intimate partner violence (IPV) is set to be explored at a British Columbia university.
12-02-2022no imageMan’s Best Friend Leads the Way to Early Cancer Detection in Study Directed by Purdue Veterinary Scholar
Cancer strikes without warning. Genetics can explain some of it, as well as environmental and lifestyle conditions. But there is no ...
12-01-2022no image5 Questions With…
Dr. Chris Bell discusses his professional history and shares what he hopes to achieve during his term as CVMA president.
11-16-2022no imageSneak peek: 5 Questions with CVMA’s new president
In the next issue of Veterinary Practice News Canada, we speak to Dr. Chris Bell, equine surgeon and president of the CVMA.
11-08-2022no imageMeet a GTA veterinarian who saves animals around the world
Meet a GTA veterinarian who saves animals around the world ...
10-27-2022no imageLa clinique vétérinaire MéliBlack prend de l’expansion
La Clinique vétérinaire MéliBlack de La Tuque a inauguré ses nouveaux locaux dans le cadre d’une journée portes ouvertes, jeudi. La ...
10-27-2022no imageSmall Business Awards recognize the best of Athabasca
Chamber of Commerce awards Lifetime Award of Achievement to Boyle Veterinary Services Ltd.
10-26-2022no imageWhat can learning about breast cancer in dogs teach us about humans?
... Treating pets for cancer can revolutionize care for humans Dr. Melissa Meachem, DVM, assistant professor, Department of ...
10-26-2022no imagePet obesity: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
... addressed, ensuring our pets live their best – and longest – lives. Dr. Kirsten Graham, DVM, is the owner of Graham Mobile Veterinary
10-22-2022no imageNanaimo veterinary hospital offering virtual appointments
A Nanaimo veterinary hospital will be home base for a virtual appointment pilot project for pet owners on Vancouver Island. The ...
10-21-2022no imageUn premier centre de formation continue pour les vétérinaires au Canada
... 1200 vétérinaires et techniciens en santé animale québécois ont maintenant accès au premier centre de formation continue au Canada. « ...
10-21-2022no imageWest Lorne veterinarian has roots in South Africa
... practice during COVID, and hopes they can expand their skillset further into the realm of orthopaedics. Denise Jack is the manager of ...
10-20-2022no imageUn professeur de la Faculté de médecine vétérinaire de Saint-Hyacinthe honoré
... le Prix du praticien des petits animaux de l’Association canadienne des médecins vétérinaires (ACMV
10-19-2022no imageSaskatchewan extends animal health control order as avian flu cases continue
... time this fall, the government of Saskatchewan is extending the animal health control order as they continue to fight avian influenza . ...
10-19-2022no image'Pets have a healing effect on us': Vancouver vet clinic one of 6 in Canada to focus on human-animal bonding
... numbers come on the heels of a 2020 study by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association which predicts a veterinarian shortage of up to ...
10-19-2022no imageEducation focus makes Expo a natural fit for vet college
... college, part of the WCVM’s mandate is to share evidence-based animal health information with its stakeholders, including members of the ...
10-17-2022no imageWellesley’s updates to dog kennel bylaws set a new standard for municipalities to follow
... using many of the best practices set out by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. While Power and council often butted heads ...
10-14-2022no imageThe tale of a lost tail: injured plains garter snake rescued, operated on in Regina
... had two serious puncture wounds on its body. Sask. issues animal health order after avian flu once again confirmed in province "They ...