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02 Dec 2022
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Researchers use Maxwell's demon to prepare a quantum bit
01 Dec 2022
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Experimental realization of an extended Fermi-Hubbard model using a 2D lattice of dopant-based quantum dots
11 Nov 2022
InnovationAus Awards: Translation Hero finalists
10 Nov 2022 (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
InnovationAus Awards finalists: Manufacturing Innovation
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UNSW and Uni of Sydney tie at the top readiness for challenge
08 Nov 2022
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Australia is well positioned to be a leader in quantum technology
08 Nov 2022
The Australian
New university-industry partnership will boost quantum tech
07 Nov 2022
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Quantum microscopy with van der Waals heterostructures
07 Nov 2022
Optimisation of electron spin qubits in electrically driven multi-donor quantum dots
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Quantum software alliance forms to keep Australia ahead
03 Nov 2022 (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Industry leaders call for urgent boost to Aussie STEM careers
25 Oct 2022
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Interactions between Fermi polarons in monolayer WS2
18 Oct 2022
Ultra-precise quantum thermometer to measure temperatures of space and time
17 Oct 2022
Silicon Quantum Computing on building exemplar technology
16 Oct 2022