POWER Magazine  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
. Storage solutions are enabling growth in several areas, including electric vehicles, and are supporting technologies such as solar and
 Rystad Energy  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
The global market share of electric vehicles is set to rise so quickly that battery manufacturers will not be able to meet production
 Hydrogen View  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
, keep your eye on the hydrogen ball! Creating a US hydrogen plan would allow the government to place hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
 SAP News  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
The push for electric vehicles (EVs) may have shifted into overdrive, but it is going to take a serious overhaul of the entire
 Explica  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
National Laboratory (California, United States) concluded that, in the long term, electric vehicles were better for the environment. To ca
 Spoke  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
years, the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) has been obvious and incredible. Led by Tesla, electric vehicles are everywhere and hardly
 Fleet News  - Wed, 14 Apr 2021
with BP, asks fleet decision-makers a series of questions about: their current electric vehicles, including number of vehicles on fleet
 Accounting Today  - Wed, 31 Mar 2021
President Joe Biden is calling for sweeping investment in electric vehicles, renewable power and the electric grid as part of a broad
 Fat Pitch Financials - FinancialContent  - Wed, 31 Mar 2021
to the White House. The focus will be on distributed energy resources, retrofits of residential, commercial and municipal buildings; and
 Just Auto  - Wed, 31 Mar 2021
Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi plans to enter into electric vehicles (EV) business with US$10bn investment over the next 10 years. It's a
 Electrek  - Wed, 31 Mar 2021
and/or smart charging strategies. Fleet companies deploy onsite clean distributed energy resources, such as solar and storage. Managed
 US News & World Report  - Tue, 30 Mar 2021
S. President Joe Biden to support a "comprehensive plan" on electric vehicles and called for hefty government tax credits and numerous other
 Microgrid Knowledge  - Tue, 30 Mar 2021
the ability to predict when batteries should be deployed. Join Microgrid Knowledge for Microgrid 2021: The World Awakens to Microgrids, a
 The Financial Post  - Tue, 30 Mar 2021
years of happy developments in solar power, wind turbines, batteries and electric vehicles have taught us anything, it’s to plan for carbon-
 The World Economic Forum  - Tue, 30 Mar 2021
, the electrification of heating systems, and the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs) like wind turbines and solar panels
 TMCnet.com  - Thu, 25 Mar 2021
increasingly making the connection between smart energy technologies – including electric vehicles, smart home devices and energy-efficient
 Renewable Energy Magazine  - Thu, 25 Mar 2021
(SMMT) has called for greater support for private retail uptake of electric vehicles, following new figures showing businesses are twice as
 Benzinga  - Thu, 25 Mar 2021
only does the state refuse to incentivize customers to set up their own microgrid to provide power backup, anyone who does so is penalized
 CleanTechnica  - Thu, 25 Mar 2021
with a hydrogen fuel cell. If all If all goes according to plan, the entire US locomotive fleet will switch over to diesel-killing hydrogen
 Fleet Owner  - Tue, 16 Mar 2021
Hino plants, Hino is to redirect resources toward “Project Z” development of battery-electric vehicles and accelerate production timeline.
 Barchart.com  - Tue, 16 Mar 2021
on Mar 15. The German auto giant unveiled a game plan to drive down the complexity and cost of producing batteries for electric vehicles (EV
 Tech Xplore  - Tue, 16 Mar 2021
When it comes to electric vehicles, particularly for heavy-duty trucks, the limitations of battery technology are often seen as the main
 NGV Journal  - Mon, 15 Mar 2021
heavy-duty trucks and 34 CNG stations through the Carl Moyer Program. The emissions reductions attained by replacing 409 diesel trucks is
 Climate News  - Fri, 12 Mar 2021
, future cars , future science , future tech , hydrogen cars , hydrogen fuel , hydrogen fuel cells , innovation , Japan ,
 Fleet World  - Thu, 25 Feb 2021
Hyundai is to recall some 82,000 electric vehicles worldwide due to a potential fire risk from the battery pack. Some 75,000 Hyundai Kona
 Techhq.com  - Thu, 25 Feb 2021
Lit-ion batteries have become synonymous with electric vehicles in the last 10 years until big players decided to move towards solid-state
 I-Connect007  - Thu, 25 Feb 2021
and manufacturer of the world’s most emotion-stirring, eco-friendly electric vehicles, and advanced mobility solutions, has announced it has
 BNN Bloomberg  - Thu, 25 Feb 2021
a thought experiment about the future of the American gas station once electric vehicles take over the road. My conclusion: the big highway
 Nasdaq.com  - Thu, 18 Feb 2021
Electric vehicles (EV) are a hot investing topic these days. Not so much because they constitute a significant share of auto sales, but more
 Next Green Car  - Thu, 18 Feb 2021
versions of all its models. This is part of its pledge to only sell electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. It states that by 2026, all of its
 Bioenergy Insight  - Thu, 18 Feb 2021
can be carbon-free or carbon-negative. Commercial pickups and vans, refuse trucks, transit buses, and Class 8 short-haul freight trucks
 TruckingInfo.com  - Wed, 17 Feb 2021
California, for example, began operating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2000 and has since incorporated many hydrogen fuel-cell and battery-
 TruckingInfo.com  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
truck is lined up and ready for fleet service. Fleet managers acquiring electric vehicles need to be making detailed long-term plans and
 ConsumerAffairs  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
and Land Rover have announced plans to convert to only producing electric vehicles by the year 2025, joining several other automakers.
 AiTHORITY  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
Beginning Canoo Holdings (Canoo), a company developing breakthrough electric vehicles (EV) with a proprietary and highly versatile EV
 Green Queen Health  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
NGO further called out the company’s reliance on tree-planting to offset carbon emissions as unrealistic. A recent study found that air
 E&E News  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
other Democratic senators are urging the administration to dramatically increase the federal government's reliance on electric vehicles.
 Bloomberg New Energy Finance  - Tue, 16 Feb 2021
Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, but still have associated emissions from manufacturing and usage. Regulatory agencies in
 Proactive Investors  - Wed, 13 Jan 2021
modeling, analytics, and implementation of storage and controls for a microgrid designed to function in addition to or disconnected from the
 Microgrid Knowledge  - Tue, 12 Jan 2021
from Microgrid Knowledge Library Making Microgrids Work to Advance Power Resiliency This white paper provides a look at current microgrid
 Citizen Tribune  - Thu, 19 Nov 2020
(NOx, PM, CO2) for decarbonizing rail, marine, and microgrid power applications with innovative, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions
 Fox 21 Delmarva  - Mon, 09 Nov 2020
need for eco-friendly vehicles Rising vendor collaborations Growing microgrid installations PART 12: VENDOR LANDSCAPE Overview Landscape
 Boulder DailyCamera.com  - Sat, 07 Nov 2020
team will evaluate potential projects, including ones that involve microgrid planning, adding more renewables and accelerating the adoption
 The Stock Observer  - Sat, 07 Nov 2020
monitoring and controls, microgrid design and engineering, microgrid consulting services and turn-key microgrid implementation services. It
 Commercial Property Executive  - Fri, 06 Nov 2020
, public transportation linkages, pedestrian-friendly community design, a microgrid with two cogeneration plants, a stormwater reuse system
 Microgrid Knowledge  - Fri, 06 Nov 2020
. Free Resource from Microgrid Knowledge Library The Benefits of Combining Solar and Storage in Microgrid Applications Today's microgrid