09-30-2019Eaglet rescued from a high voltage transmission tower released back into wild
make the best of a dangerous situation. Maritime Electric crews, Atlantic Veterinary College Wildlife Service (AVC), and boom trucks were
09-29-2019New animal sanctuary opens in B.C. — and it's already full
," said Dueck. "I think there's been growing recognition of animal welfare and the importance of being able to make choices around the food
09-29-2019Hungary finds African swine fever in wild boar near Budapest
of samples from the affected area near Budapest and Hungary's chief veterinarian had ordered the slaughter of all wild boar in the area
09-29-2019Tiny microchips make big difference in reuniting owners and pets: humane society
if microchips were more widely used. Dr. Raymond Reboja, one of the veterinarians at Centennial Animal Hospital, saw the Sept. 21 reunion at
09-29-201932nd horse dies at Santa Anita after catastrophic injury
landing near the inner rail. He was taken away by ambulance. Track veterinarian Dr. Dana Stead said in a statement that Emtech had two
09-28-2019Mouffette atteinte de la rage: la prudence s’impose
des contacts avec cet animal contagieux. Consulter un vétérinaire si votre animal de compagnie a été blessé par un animal sauvage ou s’il
09-28-2019‘Uber for dogs’ startup aims to make pet travel easier
Limousine Commission, and screens them by running their names through an animal cruelty database. Ori Karev, a SpotOn shareholder, was once
09-27-2019Northern Alberta farmers - Cleanfarms is collecting old, unwanted agricultural pesticides & livestock/equine medications October 7 to 11
program is funded by the crop protection industry and the Canadian Animal Health Institute. Questions about whether a product is accepted
09-27-2019Vetavision at WCVM highlights role of veterinarians
and Vanessa Fussell explain what the event at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine is and how the public can get involved.
09-27-2019Simulation Exercise Tests Preparedness For Deadly Pig Disease Outbreak
outbreak of African swine fever: state and federal agriculture department veterinarians and emergency planners, pork industry leaders, law
09-27-2019More than 100 dolphins die on island beach off West Africa
were placed in deep freeze by the local council. The group said veterinarians from the University of Las Palmas in Spain's Canary Islands
09-27-2019Signs of heartworm disease in dogs
is severe. Prevention is therefore of the utmost importance. Veterinarians recommend getting your dog tested for heart worms once a year and
09-27-2019Dogfighting scandal changed animal welfare
bust into a national story, not just a conversation in the animal welfare community, many watched with curiosity or skepticism, wondering
09-27-2019Data and technology offer ways to improve quality of life for farmers and animals
ways that data and technology can be used to improve animal welfare practices and allow farmers and producers to better allocate their
09-27-2019Deer heads required from Kootenay region for CWD tests
as BSE in cattle, scrapie in sheep and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in people. Evidence suggests CWD prions can pass from animal to animal by
09-27-2019Hormone help: Calgary Zoo hopes unusual step will result in healthy baby giraffe
after birth in recent years," said Dr. Doug Whiteside, senior staff veterinarian for the zoo. "Pregnancy issues is giraffes are rare so we
09-26-2019Steep decline of oysters in Tracadie Bay has producers worried
of cultured stocks might be impacted by the ecosystem in which they exist, and of how aquaculture operations impact the ecosystem."
09-26-2019Norfolk, police board dicker over problem wildlife
be up against each other concerning who’s supposed to investigate reports of animal cruelty and neglect,” Zimmerman said. “They should both
09-26-2019Poisoned Meat & Needles Found At Off-Leash Dog Parks and Trails In Richmond
local trails and off-leash dog parks in Richmond. The Steveston Veterinary Hospital posted this warning on Instagram: “WE ADVISE KEEPING
09-26-2019Old time farming mindset drives success for feed industry veteran
FSPs offer a comprehensive range of tools to benefit swine poultry, aquaculture and ruminant production, within the five platforms of Multi-
09-26-2019Attention to detail is important when planning lice control | The Western Producer
are wet or exposed to a lot of rain or snow. Like any veterinary pharmaceutical product, we need to read and follow the directions on the
09-26-2019Herd health consultations necessary to buy antimicrobials
products for the year. They will also review a basic animal health protocol guide that outlines the practice’s expectations for treating
09-26-2019The ugly truth about the sled dog industry: Cruelty exposed in Hamilton filmmaker’s documentary
to three years' probation. What was revealed in the film was that animal welfare laws are so slack they allow a person to shoot their dog
09-26-2019Fish Feel Pain Very Similarly To How We Do
importance of being aware that fish feel pain like mammals do in terms of animal welfare. "If we accept fish experience pain, then this has
09-26-2019Equine Tendon Injuries: Reducing the Strain
, a complete musculoskeletal and lameness evaluation will help the veterinarian determine which soft tissue structures are involved. Your
09-26-2019A long journey home for baby turtles; Kids release babies after mother turtle dies
Conversation Centre in Peterborough and the centre referred her to a Kingston veterinarian who would be willing to take the turtle. That was
09-25-2019Dog overpopulation needs formal solution in light of toddler’s death: Winnipeg vet
needs to be considered as a public health, public safety, and animal welfare problem, and that Manitoba politicians need to start taking it
09-25-2019Pressure mounts to protect farmers from harassment
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) stepped away from enforcing animal welfare on-farm it created an opportunity to discuss the
09-25-2019Fisheries minister releases new aquaculture policies after mass die-off of farmed salmon
south coast of Newfoundland. Highlights of the updates include: Aquatic animal health measures to mitigate disease have also been adopted,
09-25-2019Switzerland Just Banned the Egg Industry From Grinding Live Chicks
from being killed by Germany’s egg industry every year. Switzerland and Animal Welfare The Swiss public is set to vote on whether factory