11-20-2020Antimicrobial resistance as dangerous as pandemic: WHO
the Food and Agriculture Organization and with the World Organisation for Animal Health to launch a new group to advocate for urgent action
11-20-2020Poland finds COVID-19 cases among mink farm workers
does not believe the workers were infected by the animals, sanitary and veterinary authorities said. Poland, which is a major producer of
11-19-2020CBC Radio One CBX (Edmonton, AB) at November 19th 2020 4:55 PM
many thousands of them being imported so look at the Canadian veterinary medical Association for instance they warn that these dogs could be
11-19-2020Kennel cough is on the rise in part of B.C., and it may have ties to the COVID-19 pandemic
VANCOUVER -- Veterinarians in British Columbia say they've seen a "significant rise" in an infection known as kennel cough among dogs
11-19-2020CBC Marketplace Consults U of G Zoonotic Disease Expert on Puppy Mills
. Scott Weese, Department of Pathobiology in U of G’s Ontario Veterinary College, spoke to CBC Marketplace for an investigative report on
11-18-2020Atlantic Veterinary College starting to provide mental health care for pets
to include behaviour medicine. Behaviour problems in animals are a major animal welfare issue, and changes can be a flag that an animal is
11-18-2020Jane Goodall backs senator's proposed law to protect captive animals, ban elephant ivory in Canada
said. He said the accreditation system holds the members to high standards of animal welfare and animal care. “We take it very seriously.”
11-18-2020B.C. veterinarians blame COVID-19 pandemic for rise in kennel cough cases in dogs
The Society of B.C. Veterinarians has noticed more dogs are catching kennel cough this year than in previous years, and they think it might
11-17-2020Producers need immediate action on BC’s meat processing crisis
food security of British Columbians, rural economic and community development, animal welfare, Covid-19 recovery, as well as for mitigating
11-17-2020Danish government finds backing for mink cull law
, which will be made into law in the coming month, will ban all mink breeding until 2022 and provide a legal basis for ordering farmers to
11-17-2020Federal government sniffs out trainers who can teach dogs to screen for coronavirus
a safety threat. Airlines, however, can be punished if they ban an entire dog or cat breed, such as pit bulls. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)
11-15-2020La SPA veut épauler les vétérinaires débordés de Québec
embaucher une nouvelle équipe avant d'aider les animaux. Selon l'organisation, les cliniques vétérinaires débordent à Québec, au point
11-11-2020Keeping animal diseases away from humans
surprise much of the general public. Along with the national animal health week, the Alberta agriculture minister recognized the role rural
11-09-2020CBC Radio One 104.7FM (CBVE) at November 9th 2020 8:32 AM
away new clients Dr eated styles is the President of the Canadian veterinary medical Association she says her clinic con Montreal's West
11-08-2020Des vétérinaires obligés de refuser de nouveaux clients
la Clinique vétérinaire du Vieux-Limoilou. Selon l'Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec, 90 % des cliniques doivent refuser de nouveaux
11-05-2020'Not all puppies and kittens': Vet students learning about job stress, burnout
of the job that can lead to stress and burnout. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association warned last week about stress and burnout on the
11-04-2020Pig farmers are aware of influenza risks: Alberta chief veterinarian
Alberta chief provincial veterinarian Dr. Keith Lehman said swine flu transmission risks awareness is widespread among Alberta farms and no
11-03-2020Draft released – Canada’s first farmed salmonids ‘Code of Practice’
includes participants from across Canada including producers, animal welfare and enforcement representatives, researchers, veterinarians,
11-02-2020Hog producers face changes to code of practice
care assessment programs and providing a forum for open dialogue on farm animal welfare. In response to the proposed amendments to the codes
10-31-2020580 CFRA at October 31st 2020 6:49 AM
find out Dr Ian Sadler's here he is with the Canadian veterinary medical Association CEO Gray Wolf animal health and for the full disclosure
10-30-2020Dresden native's research identifies first COVID-19 positive dog in Canada
people. “And if it can, what are the implications for our animal health, but also for human health for animals sending it back into people?”
10-30-2020iNews880 (CHQT) at October 30th 2020 5:51 AM
't yet lower Dr Ian Sandler sits on a Committee of the Canadian veterinary medical Association he says the increasing consumption cases is a
10-29-2020Global News Morning
and send they're sits on a committee of the canadian veterinary medical association pieces the increasing consumption cases is a nationwide
10-29-2020Year of the dog: Pandemic puppies in high demand, short supply
are always unscrupulous breeders or sellers who make animals available where animal welfare is not their primary concern. It is a supply and
10-29-2020Dutch to cull 35,700 chickens after bird flu detected
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch animal health authorities will cull 35,700 broiler chickens after a highly contagious strain of bird flu was
10-28-2020Nova Scotia veterinarians report significant spike in cases of dogs consuming cannabis
Dogs of Halifax Dr. Ian Sandler, CEO of Grey Wolf Animal Health a member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s National Issues
10-28-2020CBC Radio One CFGB (Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL) at October 28th 2020 6:18 AM
with a lot of stress Dr gina styles is President of the Canadian veterinary medical Association good morning doctor styles good morning is
10-27-2020Households isolating due to COVID-19 should isolate pets too
passed from pet to people Therefore Weese recommends that if a household is isolating because people living there are infected, the pets
10-27-2020A flesh-eating parasite carried by dogs is making its way to North America
, the only requirements are proof of rabies vaccination and a certificate from a veterinarian declaring the animal to be in apparent good
10-26-2020Un premier chien au Canada atteint de la COVID-19
de la famille. À lire aussi : COVID-19 : votre animal de compagnie ne peut pas vous transmettre le virus Des chiens pourraient détecter la