16 marzo 2018 - Editor & Publisher
State Journal reporter and editor and also served as vice president of Madison Newspapers Inc. He joined the Capital Times as editor in 2006
16 marzo 2018 - Digiday
rate tend to be series of videos explaining a dense topic, like blockchain or cryptocurrencies, but the FT was unable to share specific
16 marzo 2018 - Miami Herald
Lauren Gustus, who was promoted to months ago to regional editor for McClatchy newspapers on the West Coast. Prior to his Wichita assignment
15 marzo 2018 - Editor & Publisher
layoffs of thirty employees, constituting nearly one-third of the newsroom staff. It’s the largest example of downsizing at the Post in
14 marzo 2018 - Poynter.
which prompts users for their email addresses, a link to the fake news and any social media networks they saw it on, ferries reports to the
14 marzo 2018 - Columbia Journalism Review
lead to self-censorship by media outlets, which puts press freedom at risk. According to the World Press Freedom Index, the country ranks
13 marzo 2018 - Bloomberg
they should help support trusted journalism at a time when their platforms have been exploited to publish fake news. Facebook recently made
13 marzo 2018 - Bloomberg
Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly discusses performance of an AI fund. He speaks with Alix Steel and David Westin on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas." (
13 marzo 2018 - Digiday
Post, meanwhile, found new audiences through its homegrown artificial intelligence technology. But measuring the impact of automation in
13 marzo 2018 - Sun Sentinel
Must Acknowledge It." "I knew when we looked back there would be some storytelling that we obviously would never do today, that we don't do
13 marzo 2018 - BBC News
22 rules of storytelling - which explains why Google feels more engaging than its competitors. There are a few neat touches to the AI, too.
13 marzo 2018 - Bloomberg
Combating Review Fraud With Blockchain - Bob’s Repair
12 marzo 2018 - Editor & Publisher
adoption rate, but are they a good vehicle for news delivery and storytelling? With as many as 30 million smart speakers sold worldwide,
12 marzo 2018 - AP News
Bills at the time, had suffered a heart attack. As a newsroom full or reporters were calling every fire and police department within a 50-
12 marzo 2018 - Editor & Publisher
newsroom colleagues than business partners. The longtime journalists spent the first six months filling The Tyler Loop with data journalism
12 marzo 2018 - TechCrunch
online disinformation is likely to get worse in the short term, with AI now being actively deployed in the potentially lucrative business of
12 marzo 2018 - Nieman Journalism Lab
.) The idea, while new for the Times, isn’t new for podcasting. Last year audio streaming service TuneIn launched its First Play program,
12 marzo 2018 - TechCrunch
popular FileZilla FTP client now support it and that Storj joined Microsoft Azure’s blockchain-as-a-service ecosystem in 2016 to help bring
12 marzo 2018 - Nieman Journalism Lab
at the Associated Press, wrote for us in 2016 that artificial intelligence “will help journalists do more investigative work by analyzing
12 marzo 2018 - Reuters US News
race, municipal politics left far behind. bit.ly/2IgFrdU Compiled by Bengaluru newsroom Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
12 marzo 2018 - Reuters US News
mounds of data. So that’s why Reuters is building a “cybernetic newsroom” – marrying the best of machine capability and human judgment to
12 marzo 2018 - García Media
, networking and inspiration about the future (and past) of storytelling, visual journalism and news products across print and digital.
12 marzo 2018 - The Washington Post
own or even growing. The industry magazine Editor & Publisher reported in 2016, “Small, community newspapers across the country are not just
11 marzo 2018 - TechCrunch
of other skilled companies such as DreamScape are creating an entirely new storytelling medium using virtual reality, tactile feedback, and
11 marzo 2018 - Reuters US News
at the White House for his work on projects like information technology modernization and electronic health records, which have required