Raku je rekla adijo in začela zvoniti. Kaj pa se je zgodilo potem?
Aleteia - 07.19.2019
, but you guys saved my life!” pic.twitter.com/4DnQmNGW9P — Harris Health System

If You've Finished Cancer Treatment, You'll Relate to This Woman Breaking the 'Cancer-Free' Bell
Yahoo World - 07.18.2019
scared to death, but you guys saved my life!” Posted by Harris Health System on

Woman so thrilled she’s cancer-free breaks celebration bell at hospital
KPAX.com - 07.18.2019
know how strong she was at this point in her treatment. On Wednesday, Harris He

Woman ringing 'cancer-free' bell accidentally breaks it at Houston's Smith Clinic
ABC News - Go.com - 07.18.2019
who go through this cancer journey," Jaye told ABC News. Harris Health System tw

Ich war so aufgeregt, getan: Frau bricht versehentlich Krebs-frei Glocke
MietSpiegel - 07.18.2019
gehen durch diese Krebs-Reise," Jaye sagte ABC News. Harris Health System twitt