La Libre Belgique
La question nord-irlandaise continue d’empoisonner les relations post-Brexit entre Londres et l'UE
Belgium - May 12, 2022
UK says 'no choice but to act' over post-Brexit trade rules
Belgium - May 12, 2022
Deutsche Welle
歐盟會議聚焦俄烏戰爭 拜登簽新法案援烏
Germany - May 10, 2022
Deutsche Welle
WATCH LIVE — EU leaders discuss citizen proposals on how to strengthen security and democracy in the bloc
Germany - May 09, 2022
Ukraine war puts EU ‘at crossroads’ on anniversary
Belgium - May 09, 2022
El Universal
UE celebra 72º aniversario transformada por la guerra en Ucrania
Venezuela - May 08, 2022
EuroNews Arabic
الحرب الروسية على أوكرانيا تضع الاتحاد الأوروبي أمام مفترق طرق
France - May 07, 2022
EU IDEA project, differentiation as a tool for European integration. Reynders: "But the rule of Law is the limit"
Italy - April 22, 2022
Fourth round of EU sanctions hits energy and oligarchs
Belgium - March 15, 2022
EuroNews Portugues
Sanções contra a Rússia dividem opiniões na União Europeia
France - February 25, 2022