16 March 2020 - The Washington Post
28 2020, children and a teacher walk past a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) health centre in the Mandruzi...
15 March 2020 - The Independent
Dr Luay Shabaneh, the regional director for Arab States for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) who goes to Syria...
11 March 2020 - Daily Mail Online
representative for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Climate change has a "huge impact" on the lives of women, the UN...
25 February 2020 - The Guardian
rolled out by the NGO Path Uganda, with support from the UN population fund (UNFPA), to promote increased uptake of...
16 January 2020 - ABC.es
El Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas (UNFPA) ha denunciado este miércoles que la inestabilidad en la región de...
14 January 2020 - Financial Times
10 January 2020 - EL PAÍS Brasil
que não têm estudos a cifra suba para 3,5. Como mostra o último estudo da UNFPA, 47,7% das gestações não são planejadas, uma cifra...
4 January 2020 - The Hindu
), International Council of Nurses (ICN), Nursing Now and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in a year-long...
29 December 2019 - Radio France Internationale
, chargée de programme lutte contre la fistule au Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population (UNFPA) ; Abdoulaye Idani...
23 December 2019 - The Times Of India
in the market. Rule 2: Invest, Invest, Invest A UN Population Fund report states that life expectancy at birth in India has...
19 December 2019 - Financial Times
18 December 2019 - Daily Mail Online
before the age of 15 and three-quarters by 18. The UN Population Fund says the incidence of child marriage has risen since the war...
13 December 2019 - The Independent
to leave school and not being able to sit exams.” The United Nations Population Fund conducted a study on 18,119 girls and found...
5 December 2019 - The Washington Post
Ministry’s supervision, Khenitech’s organization partnered with the United Nations Population Fund and the Arab Institute for...
14 November 2019 - Daily Mail Online
to get the job done," UNFPA executive director Dr Natalia Kanem said in a statement Wednesday. UNFPA...
14 November 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
wrong to even refer to this as a cost,” Dr Natalia Kanem, executive director of the UNFPA, told a press conference. “What...
14 November 2019 - Daily Mail Online
without disabilities and girls face the greatest risk, says the United Nations Population Fund. A lack of education about their...
13 November 2019 - The Guardian
investment over the next decade. Research conducted by the UN population fund (UNFPA) and Johns Hopkins University, in...
13 November 2019 - Daily Mail Online
rights within the next 10 years, but the report by the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) found there was a funding shortfall...
11 November 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
and three in the Middle East. Benoit Kalasa, director of the technical division at UNFPA (the UN's reproductive health agency),...
11 November 2019 - Daily Mail Online
from the government of Denmark to co-host the event with the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA). According to Kenya's...
11 November 2019 - Daily Mail Online
right," said Benoit Kalasa, a representative of the United Nations Population Fund, citing the dangers posed by pregnancies that...
11 November 2019 - El País
como considerar la salud sexual y reproductiva como un derecho humano. "El UNFPA, Dinamarca y Kenia nos juntamos y dijimos: ¿no...
11 November 2019 - El País
1994 son notables. Según datos del Fondo de Población de Naciones Unidas (UNFPA), las muertes maternas prevenibles han disminuido...
2 November 2019 - The Guardian
sex-selective abortions, infanticide or neglect, according to United Nations Population Fund figures. Women in some countries have...
24 October 2019 - The Hindu
39%,” said Deepa Prasad, State Programme Coordinator of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). There is no district where there is no child
21 October 2019 - Daily Mail Online
in East and Southeast Europe, Allana Armitage, Director of the U.N. Population Fund for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, told Reuters. By
19 October 2019 - National Public Radio
— like Every Mother Counts, which is Christy Turlington's organization, and UNFPA and UNICEF — working to fight maternal death. There's more
16 October 2019 - Time Magazine
support from UNFPA two and a half years ago. If enacted into law as it currently stands, it would authorize an annual contribution to UNFPA
11 October 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
“There is no doubt that progress has been made,” said Arthur Erken, director of the UNFPA, the UN’s family planning arm. “In 1994,...
7 October 2019 - El País
siglas en inglés), que cuenta con el apoyo del Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas, la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates y...
6 October 2019 - Daily Mail Online
, get an education and work for my country." According to the UN Population Fund, 42 percent of Afghanistan's population is aged under 14.
3 October 2019 - The Times Of India
s population will be over 60 years by 2030 and according to the United Nations Population Fund this is expected to increase to 19.4 per cent
24 September 2019 - The Guardian
be rolled out between 2020 and 2025, will be given to the UN population fund (UNFPA), which works in 150 countries,...
23 September 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
– this is about basic rights around choice and access,” she added. Natalia Kanem, UNFPA executive director, said: “To do...
22 September 2019 - The Independent
is not alone in her struggle to access healthcare. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) warns a troubling dearth of...
19 September 2019 - The Guardian
preventable with the right care. Anneka Knutsson, chief of the UN population fund (UNFPA) sexual and reproductive branch,...
18 September 2019 - Le Monde.fr
Massachusetts aux Etats-Unis, avec l’appui du Fonds des Nations unies pour la population (FNUAP), GetIN est aujourd’hui opérationnelle dans
12 September 2019 - Financial Times
11 September 2019 - Associated Press
Genocide; Prof. Azza Karam, Senior Advisor at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Coordinator of the United Nations InterAgency Task
10 September 2019 - El País
. Ese es el mensaje de la nueva estrategia para jóvenes del Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas, llamada “Mi cuerpo, Mi vida, Mi mundo
21 August 2019 - CTV News
to contraceptives remains incomprehensive. International organizations like the UN Population Fund have begun stepping in by importing tens
13 August 2019 - Le Monde.fr
, là aussi, les chiffres du bureau régional du Fonds des Nations unies pour la population (Fnuap) en Afrique de l’Ouest et en Afrique
22 July 2019 - Al Jazeera English
, according to health clinic practitioners and officials with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Esmeralda Javier, 18, was born to
17 July 2019 - CNN.com International
cases could be at least five times that number. And findings from a UNFPA-supported survey commissioned by Indonesia's Women's Empowerment
16 July 2019 - CNN.com International
planning needs. Pompeo's decision also denies the UN Population Fund, known as UNFPA, any US funding for emergency humanitarian operations
12 July 2019 - Le Figaro.fr
un mail. Une étude réalisée en 2015 à la demande du Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population (UNFPA) a révélé qu’au Sri Lanka, 90% des
12 July 2019 - Daily Mail Online
," they said in an email. A 2015 survey by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) found nine out of 10 women and girls had faced sexual
11 July 2019 - Metro.co.uk
the organisations are Greenpeace, Marie Stopes International, the United Nations Population Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for
11 July 2019 - El País
hoy en día en todos los países del mundo". El fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) calcula que 214 millones de mujeres quieren
11 July 2019 - The Guardian
,” says a declaration signed by the groups, which include the UN Population Fund, the Jane Goodall Institute and Marie Stopes International.
10 July 2019 - The Independent
, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). About a third of married women in Tanzania use contraceptives, UNFPA data shows,
10 July 2019 - Daily Mail Online
public hospitals and schools are overcrowded and many young people lack jobs. UNFPA says about a third of married women in Tanzania use
30 June 2019 - El Mundo.es
sobre el estado de la población mundial publicado por el Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas en octubre de 2018 ponía el foco en en
30 June 2019 - The Independent
, not to mention the potential fatal consequences, as organisations like UNFPA and UNICEF continuously make clear. In the environment of the
27 June 2019 - The Hill
Nov. 12-14,  the Government of Kenya, the Government of Denmark and UNFPA are convening the world for the Nairobi Summit. In 1994 a landmark
27 June 2019 - The Times Of India
, leaving many unclear about the risks, said the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which promotes reproductive rights. In Thailand,
21 June 2019 - The Guardian
roughly $1.2m (£946,000) and was supported by the World Bank and UN population fund, came from individuals and grassroots organisations.
18 June 2019 - Quartz
have conducted their censuses digitally. GSS is working with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a development partner for the census,
18 June 2019 - Financial Times Print Edition (USA)
17 June 2019 - Daily Mail Online
ethnic and jihadist conflict, the regional head of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Monday. Marrying girls off as
13 June 2019 - The Guardian
” Florence Auma, programme specialist for gender and human rights at the UN population fund in Uganda, said: “The convictions were deterrent
11 June 2019 - Associated Press
in large quantities. UNFPA is the largest procurer of condoms for the developing world. World Health Organization (WHO), UNFPA, along with
10 June 2019 - LightBox | Time.com
season in Freetown, the capital. “Human stories are more effective than a deluge of crisis information.” He hopes Freetown,
5 June 2019 - The Hill
the United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Development Program and United Nations Population Fund. Follow him on Twitter @sidchat1
24 May 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
effects on the fight for women's rights,” Natalia Kanem executive director of UNFPA, told The Telegraph. In America, conservative forces
23 May 2019 - The Guardian
. We must live up to their strength and commitment. Natalia Kanem is the executive director of UNFPA. Mark Lowcock is the UN under-secretary
20 May 2019 - Associated Press
agency was in 2015, when it gave $800,000 to a U.N. Population Fund project to evaluate North Korean public health conditions. South Korea
14 May 2019 - Al Jazeera English
each month. Ingo Pieglier, the humanitarian co-ordinator of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), told Al Jazeera the aid agency was preparing to
13 May 2019 - El País
de mujeres y niñas en todas partes. Natalia Kanem es directora ejecutiva del Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas (UNFPA). Es la quinta
10 May 2019 - Financial Times
10 May 2019 - Spiegel Online
for lessons." Now Halima has prostheses and, with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), is being taught at a small, modest
5 May 2019 - O Globo
, e contou com o apoio do Fundo de População das Nações Unidas (UNFPA) — foram tomadas como referência grupos sociais das chamadas Geração Z
3 May 2019 - The Hill
of progress. As we mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of UNFPA, the United Nations’ sexual and reproductive health agency, advocates
2 May 2019 - Spiegel Online
Ratsiferana. Jetzt hat Halima Prothesen und bekommt mit Unterstützung des United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) Unterricht an einer kleinen,
30 April 2019 - Daily Mail (eClips Web)
27 April 2019 - The Guardian (eClips Web)
28 March 2019 - Telegraph.co.uk
, police are thin on the ground, she said. Andrea Wojnar, UNFPA representative in Mozambique, said increased violence against women was a
25 March 2019 - National Geographic
More people live in cities than ever before. According to the United Nations Population Fund, over half of the world’s citizens now live in
25 March 2019 - El País
de la Salud (OPS/OMS), el Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas (UNFPA) y el Fondo de las Naciones Unidas para la Infancia (UNICEF) han
25 March 2019 - The Independent
women, with complications far more common, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Up to 86 per cent of obstetric fistula
19 March 2019 - Al Jazeera English
to you", she expains, describing routine harassment. A United Nations Population Fund study in March 2017 that found 90 percent of Sri
20 February 2019 - Daily Mail Online
effects or lack of information about alternatives, according to the United Nations Population Fund. Nearly 13 percent of married women of
18 February 2019 - Independent.ie
". Meanwhile, Natalie B Coleman's partnership with the United Nations Population Fund on a collaborative 'Sisters' collection, produced
15 February 2019 - Metro.co.uk
them more promiscuous are unfounded, suggests a major review by the UN Population Fund. Making condoms available to pupils at school could
15 February 2019 - The Guardian (eClips Web)
7 February 2019 - La Repubblica.it
del corpo di una donna o ragazza. Attraverso il programma congiunto UNFPA e UNICEF sulle Mutilazioni Genitali Femminili:   -dal 2014 al 2017
6 February 2019 - National Public Radio
public and the international community, says Nafissatou Diop, coordinator of the UNFPA-UNICEF joint program on the elimination of FGM. Diop
6 February 2019 - Voice of America
an analysis that was done by our colleagues in UNFPA [United Nations Population Fund] estimating that if female genital mutilation continues
5 February 2019 - El País
de Jóvenes de África Occidental y Central, y agencias como Unicef o UNFPA (Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas) la invitan para dar
18 January 2019 - www.telegraph.co.uk
Women seize power over their fertility – and future
18 January 2019 - The Telegraph (eClips Web)
17 January 2019 - Voice of America
out regionally for its advanced sex-ed program, according to the United Nations Population Fund. Instead, Hong Kong has more in common with
3 January 2019 - The Guardian
can’t cover the entire spectrum,” says Dr Natalia Kanem, head of the UN Population Fund, which has partnered with Egyptian ministries for
2 January 2019 - The Irish Times
on plastic chairs awaiting their appointment at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Jordan Health Aid Society International (
29 December 2018 - The Guardian
two midwives and an auxiliary nurse, and funded by the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), it provides antenatal and maternity care, all
27 December 2018 - The Guardian
says Daphrose Nyirasafari, a reproductive health specialist at the UN population fund (UNFPA) Rwanda. The centre in Kigali receives between
15 December 2018 - Sky News
siege from the coalition for months. Figures from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) last month showed that in Hodeida alone some
14 December 2018 - Hindustan Times
maternal, newborn and child health, Dr Natalia Kanem, executive director, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), says putting the rights of