April 21, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
collaboration with Gates Bar-B-Q and another one with the Kansas City Streetcar. On April 15, the partners opened a MADE Urban Apparel
April 21, 2017 - Downtown Council of Kansas City
with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and KC Streetcar, features 14 temporary artworks and performances along the city’s streetcar route,
April 21, 2017 - The Hill - Blogs
play out in Kansas City, where businesses are thrilled by the streetcar system that opened a year ago. Our KC Streetcar has contributed $1.
April 19, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
KC Championships” and touted the city’s love of sports, the facilities, central location, hotel space, entertainment options and the street car
April 18, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
mule-drawn streetcar service. Later, a post office and a Nelly Don garment factory occupied the space. The Corvinos hired Kansas City-based
April 15, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
store are a short stroll away, as is one of the Kansas City streetcar stops. Popular downtown events like First Fridays and Sprint Center
April 15, 2017 - Fox4KC.com
Mandelbaum, communications manager of the KC Streetcar Authority. “It`s basically a couple of blocks off the Streetcar line East and West
April 15, 2017 - WAVE 3 News
Kansas City Streetcar Authority Donna Mandelbaum. Mandelbaum says the demand is there, adding, “We are looking at adding two more streetcar
April 14, 2017 - 41 Action News
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is hoping to add two new cars to the near one-year-old line after ridership has far
April 13, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
The Kansas City streetcar system is closer to buying two more vehicles, and the streetcar chief executive says it can’t happen soon enough.
April 12, 2017 - Newspressnow.com
how a deal with Google and investment into KC Streetcar have improved development and transportation in Kansas City. Falkner discussed how
March 22, 2017 - 3BL Media
to provide new funding for the city’s Visit KC economic development initiative and the Kansas City Streetcar Authority. The city is also
March 21, 2017 - 41 Action News
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police are investigating after an undetermined object damaged a KC Streetcar window. Sgt. Kari Thompson said
March 21, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
; KC Streetcar (@kcstreetcar) March 21, 2017 RIDER ALERT: #kcstreetcar service resumed as of 3:55pm pic.twitter.com/tFJHtloFM5 — KC
March 21, 2017 - KMBC.com
Representatives with KC Streetcar confirm the Streetcar involved was taken to the garage and is now out of service for repairs. Streetcar
March 21, 2017 - 41 Action News
. Admission is free! Street Car KC a Civil Rights Tour Learn more about Kansas City’s history with the Street Car KC A Civil Rights Tour.
March 21, 2017 - KBIA
Cincinnati, Portland, Oregon, Tucson, Arizona, and Kansas City have laid down streetcar tracks with varying degrees of success. “There's a
March 20, 2017 - Indian Technology News
significant part of what Kansas City, Mo., is doing with an innovation corridor coming to an area with a new 2.2-mile streetcar line. Other
March 15, 2017 - REJblog
public transportation,” Levy said. Levy pointed to Kansas City with its recently opened streetcar line as an example of a municipality that
March 12, 2017 - Midtown KC Post
was a key Kansas City corner, and even more so after the streetcar system made it an important transfer stop. In 1913, The Kansas City Star
March 10, 2017 - 41 Action News
to getting off the streetcar at the P&L stop. Parking at Union Station ranges from $5 to $12 max. RELATED | KC Streetcar running for Big 12
March 09, 2017 - Metro Magazine
Kansas City from doing any planning or implementing of any fixed-rail expansion without a citywide vote. RELATED: KC's Starter Streetcar
March 09, 2017 - One News Page
The KC Streetcar is expected to help deal with congestion during this year's Big 12 tournament. 0
March 09, 2017 - Downtown Council of Kansas City
Experience and its many restaurants and attractions this week. The KC Streetcar will be running daily from Union Station to the Crossroads
March 09, 2017 - Fox4KC.com
down here.” Both are benefits that leaders with the Kansas City Streetcar Authority have been touting on social media ahead of tourney time
March 09, 2017 - 41 Action News
wasting precious minutes. Consider the KC Streetcar. Parking at Union Station or River Market and riding the streetcar is encouraged. They
March 08, 2017 - Brooklyn Downtown Star
. Every one of the 35 streetcar projects around the country, in cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle and Kansas City is unique, he said.
March 08, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
Friday. The KC streetcar will operate for the first time for the Big 12 tournament. Here are five key things to know about KC streetcar and
March 07, 2017 - 41 Action News
heading to the Sprint Center. The KC Streetcar will be running it’s usual route. Parking along the streetcar route is allowed, but vehicles
March 07, 2017 - The Kansas City Star
the #kcstreetcar Singleton Yard. Stay safe out there, KC #kcwx pic.twitter.com/opUeRYG2zN — KC Streetcar (@kcstreetcar) March 7, 2017