05/22/2017 - Michigan Radio
Once vanished, Michigan’s elk population is state’s “best kept secret”
05/22/2017 - LocalNews8.com
Jackson elk antlers fetch record bids
05/22/2017 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
public access including hunting and other recreation. About the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: Founded over 30 years ago, fueled by hunters
05/22/2017 - KPQ News
the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to conduct an elk management pilot project to reduce elk highway collisions. Rep.
05/22/2017 - American Hunter
same skills were passed on to my children. Most every hunter dreams of one day hunting elk in the Rockies. I never thought that would be
05/22/2017 - Ravalli Republic
me to be ready to try something new come the arrival of deer and elk hunting season in the fall, a ”national holiday” that our instructor
05/21/2017 - High Plains Journal
Eligible landowners may apply for one 2017 Nebraska elk hunting permit during the application period that ends June 2. To download an
05/20/2017 - OregonLive.com
draft that would allow the state to issue permits for hunters and trappers to kill wolves identified in chronic depredation events, an idea
05/20/2017 - CDFW News
or older on July 1, 2017 may apply for apprentice deer, elk and pronghorn antelope hunts. Hunters must be at least 16 years of age on July 1
05/19/2017 - Elk Network
Service and the Jackson District Boy Scouts of America. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will continue to play a strong supporting role.
05/18/2017 - Rocky Mountain Outlook
Elk calving season underway
05/17/2017 - Elk Network
me if I could help. I had a special post-season depredation tag to hunt cow elk on a cattle ranch down the road. The snow was so deep and I
05/17/2017 - The Billings Gazette
continues to march northwest. West to some of the largest elk herds in the Rocky Mountains, and west to 23 feedgrounds, places where animals
05/17/2017 - SWNewsMedia.com
when applying. Hunting information including maps of the elk hunting zones is on the elk hunting page here. In addition to managing elk
05/16/2017 - Grand View Outdoors
in 1972 when then-Governor Ronald Reagan signed legislation outlawing the sport hunting of mountain lions in California for five years. The
05/16/2017 - Boise State Public Radio
, six to eight [of them].” DiGrazia is a hunter and he often comes to this spot to just watch elk on the ridge grazing in the winter. That
05/16/2017 - Times Leader
herd. During 2016, 110 wild elk were tested for CWD, including hunter-harvested animals and elk exhibiting clinical signs consistent with
05/15/2017 - ArkansasMatters.com
Wild Woman: Elk in Arkansas
05/15/2017 - My Eastern Oregon
Cattlemen’s Association, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Hunters Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Cascadia Wildlands, Center for
05/15/2017 - The Outdoor Wire
LINCOLN, Neb. – Eligible landowners may apply for one 2017 Nebraska elk hunting permit during the May 15 – June 2 application period. To
05/13/2017 - FieldJournals
bow, you’re supporting wildlife Get Involved Now The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation works to protect wildlife habitats nationwide while
05/11/2017 - White Mountain Independent
Elk and pooch make fast friends
05/11/2017 - Elk Network
. About the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: Founded over 30 years ago, fueled by hunters and a membership of more than 220,000 strong, RMEF
05/11/2017 - KFBB.com
. One woman even traveled 100 miles to see it. You can see the "Felix elk" at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for the next few weeks.
05/11/2017 - 1000 KXRB
Mountain Lion Attacks and Kills Dog near Spearfish, SD