10/18/2017 - The Santa Fe New Mexican
deal remained just out of reach. This time, the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stepped up to help, contracting to blade the road,
10/18/2017 - AZGFD Pinetop
Thank you Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation- White Mountain Chapter for hosting youth and their families again this... https://t.co/UU7sxGOCh4
10/17/2017 - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Deer and elk hunters will take to the field Oct. 21 for the general big game season and they’ll all need to keep in mind a few important
10/17/2017 - Powell Tribune
hunts later this year. “Next week, I get to hunt for a buck in Sunlight and then I have an elk tag for next month,” she said. Shelby hopes
10/17/2017 - Elk Network
excited. It was a big chore to pack out the elk. But luckily, we had met some other hunters were only lived about an hour and a half from
10/17/2017 - Elk Network
of duty. The Utah Freedom Hunt along with Rowdy Birddog Outfitters presented Cade with an elk hunt and a deer hunt. Cade was outfitted with
10/17/2017 - White Mountain Independent
and Fish Department’s Habitat Partnership Committee, as well as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Mule Deer Foundation. The Bureau of
10/17/2017 - Women's Outdoor News
, according to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, in 1907 there were only 41,000 elk left in North America. Thanks to hunters and the work
10/17/2017 - Elk Network
to the production of healthy herds and provide hunters opportunity. But the habitat of Roosevelt elk is a major concern because throughout
10/17/2017 - BendBulletin.com (AP)
and improve conditions for livestock and game animals. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is providing a portion of the funding for the work.
10/16/2017 - Elk Network
wildlife disease that is fatal to deer and elk, at bay. All successful deer and elk hunters are encouraged to bring the head of their
10/16/2017 - The Outdoor Wire
. Submit news items concerning RMEF activities to the RMEF public relations consultant. 12. Answer correspondence about RMEF activities and
10/16/2017 - Ravalli Republic
, said when he saw the photo. “That’s the biggest elk I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been hunting 57 years. It’s just in a different class of its
10/15/2017 - Elk Network
Elk Are Wild, Keep Your Distance
10/14/2017 - Elk Network
-December 2017 issue (pp. 119) of Bugle, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s magazine. “I started the website years and years ago to
10/13/2017 - Elk Network
. Why did I do this to them? Why would I drag them through an elk hunt in the mountains? I scanned the trees one last time and walked up
10/13/2017 - Elk Network
moving forward.” The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recognizes predators have a proper place on the landscape. RMEF supports science-based
10/13/2017 - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Bull elk poached, left to waste near Hysham
10/12/2017 - Elk Network
long as I can remember. Now I’m really looking forward to my deer and elk hunts. Steyr Ulberg Age 12 Lolo, Montana To submit your story,
10/12/2017 - New Times San Luis Obispo
California Rangeland Trust, Wildlife Conservation Board, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Nita Vail, CEO of the California Rangeland
10/12/2017 - Idaho Press-Tribune
game outlook for 2017, but the short version is elk hunting should be similar to last year, but hunters will see fewer mule deer and similar
10/11/2017 - Western Outdoor News
Editorial: HSUS spearheads Arizona ballot issue to ban mountain lion hunting
10/11/2017 - Jackson Hole News&Guide
of this at both Valley Forge and the National Elk Refuge. So next time you see hunters walking down your favorite hiking trail this fall,
10/11/2017 - Jackson Hole News&Guide
of the question to alter the dates of the elk hunt to better coincide with the elk migration. The bison hunt on the refuge was extended an
10/11/2017 - Wild Game Recipes | NevadaFoodies | Elk, Antelope and Venison Recipes
I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the Team at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation RMEF. You can find our Ultimate Onion Elk Burger recipe