06/22/2017 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
“The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports the delisting of grizzly bears,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “It’s been a long
06/21/2017 - Courthouse News Service
against delisting because of objections to hunting the bear. “The public comment period is not a vote. The Endangered Species Act says once
06/21/2017 - The Outdoor Wire
Conservation Committee. The dedicated conservationist is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and is one of the 100 members of the
06/21/2017 - Longmont Times Call (AP)
Boulder County commissioners on Tuesday night approved allowing limited elk hunting on the Rabbit Mountain Open Space area northeast of
06/20/2017 - Land Trust of North Alabama
Land Trust parking lot. Thank you to The Alabama Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for funding the bird houses for this project.
06/20/2017 - FieldJournals
my personal favorite – slow-cooker BBQ turkey sliders. Elk Elk is commonly considered among hunters to be one of the best wild-game meats.
06/20/2017 - HuntingLife
MISSOULA, Mont.—Elk hunting adventures highlight the upcoming seventh season of RMEF Team Elk, presented by Cabela’s. “Team Elk remains one
06/17/2017 - Popular Science
cautious by nature, or were they learning to avoid hunters over time? After putting GPS collars on 49 female elk (“cows”) in western Canada
06/17/2017 - CNBnews.net
. “Their contribution not only has produced some of the best deer, bear and turkey hunting in the nation, it’s helped to create and maintain
06/17/2017 - The Westerner
have. The gray wolf's range has expanded as conservation efforts have stabilized the once endangered animal's population. Despite this, Lee
06/16/2017 - Estes Park News
Protective Elk Mother Guards Her Young Calf
06/16/2017 - Daily Record
and use of gear) with partial scholarships available thanks to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Find full info at www.washingtonoutdoorwomen.
06/16/2017 - Bonner County Daily Bee
members. "The one that really helped us out this year was the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation," Schultz said. "They donated a little over $
06/16/2017 - CDFW News
a random draw process. While hunters may take only one elk per year in California, these hunts offer additional opportunities beyond those
06/16/2017 - Red Bluff Daily News Online
spring of 1868. Vast herds of tule elk accompanied by pronghorns grazed these flower fields and were hunted by gigantic golden bears. Where
06/16/2017 - TDN.com
lands are open to non-motorized public access including hunting. Emmerson said elk hunters using PacifiCorp’s lands on the south side of
06/16/2017 - Greensboro News & Record
Protecting our rights to hunt and fish through legislation is an important step toward passing our hunting and fishing heritage along to the
06/15/2017 - Petoskey News-Review
Quick Read: Artists wanted to help celebrate 100 years of elk in Michigan
06/14/2017 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
the native elk to their historic range, a goal the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been working toward since 1990. View Map When
06/14/2017 - The Spokesman-Review - Blogs
HUNTING -- The largest elk recorded by a hunter in Montana continues to be on display at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation headquarters in
06/13/2017 - State of Tennessee
for the 2017 Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Big Game Quota Hunts, the regular elk, youth elk, and WMA youth will run from June 14 through
06/13/2017 - Missoulian
Video: Elk calf saved from barbed wire fence in Montana
06/13/2017 - GrindTV.com
others follow in this one’s footsteps,” Chad Carmen of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation told Caters News. “It’s always incredible to see
06/09/2017 - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
efforts. During the 2016/2017 wolf hunting and trapping season, 246 wolves were harvested – 163 by hunters and 83 by trappers. This is the
06/06/2017 - Bob Ward's
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation congratulates Bob Ward's on 100 Years!