12/15/2017 - Elk Network
coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources during his first-ever elk hunt. Can you relate? There they were! About 100 yards
12/15/2017 - White Mountain Independent
MISSOULA, MONT. — The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awarded $212,970 in grant funding for 15 projects that enhance Arizona’s wildlife
12/14/2017 - The Spokesman-Review
Helicopter to be used in Idaho elk mortality study
12/14/2017 - Elk Network
, were prized by Native Americans and are still prized by hunters today. A Sioux elk dreamer­­ once said that when an elk dies, everything
12/14/2017 - The Argus Observer
in the current elk population. Relying on hunters to reduce elk populations isn’t easy. Last season, more than 113,500 elk hunters spent
12/13/2017 - Elk Network
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation remains greatly concerned about the growing number of wild horses and burros on the landscape and their
12/13/2017 - Wrangler Network
JJ Harrison at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Expo
12/13/2017 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
– to successfully bring about a desired objective. Since 1984, the RMEF has grown to the largest, most effective, big game conservation
12/13/2017 - Elk Network
A solo elk hunter from Wisconsin was thrilled to shoot a nice bull in Arizona’s Kaibab National Forest. He wasn’t so thrilled with what he
12/13/2017 - Elk Network
Info Sought for Elk Poaching Incidents in Arizona, Nevada, Canada; Oregon Poachers Sentenced
12/13/2017 - Elk Network
Cutting and Prepping Elk In The Field with Randy Newberg, Hunter
12/13/2017 - Wrangler Network
David Sharp at RMEF Outdoor Show in Las Vegas
12/12/2017 - Publicnow
of a donated shoulder mount or rifle. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also provided each hunter with a knife, and one hunter received an
12/12/2017 - Elk Network
your story, click the link below or email your story to [email protected] Submit Your Story From The Field Become an RMEF Youth Member!
12/12/2017 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
of RMEF’s conservation mission. To learn more about RMEF access projects in your area, turn on the RMEF layer in the onX Hunt App to view
12/12/2017 - Elk Network
couple of weeks ago!” “I like it all but it’s hard to beat a good elk hunt. Congrats on your deer!” Pratt replied. From there it got ugly.
12/12/2017 - Elk Network
ranging deer and elk for more than 25 years. Hunting license records for the area indicate that about 75 percent of the deer and elk hunting
12/12/2017 - Elk Network
line at 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668). (Photo source: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks) Montana Approves CWD Hunt 11th December 2017
12/11/2017 - Elk Network
FWP officials are also considering a CWD hunt in northern Montana after a mule deer shot north of Chester turned up CWD positive. (Montana
12/10/2017 - WHOTV.com
Hunter Kills Mountain Lion in Northwest Iowa
12/10/2017 - Elk Network
strong, quiet and comfortable models that meet your personal elk hunting needs. RMEF Life Member Chuck Adams has written 10 books about
12/10/2017 - Daily Inter Lake
have doubts. “We’re very skeptical that anything that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation puts money behind with regards to carnivores...is
12/09/2017 - Elk Network
Check out Randy’s camp and clothing setup for an Arizona wilderness backpack elk hunt in early October at 10,000 feet. For a remote, high
12/09/2017 - Elk Network
Ennis and Charlene Westbrook on two very special military related elk hunts. Female Hunter Vilified Across the Pond 6th December 2017