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Advocacy & Initiatives
Oak Bay News - March 9, 2018
Survey helps bust misconceptions that all homeless people suffer from mental illness, addiction issues.
The Province - March 8, 2018
The clock is ticking for the Resolve Campaign.
InfoTel News - March 8, 2018
If you want to quantify the problem of homelessness in Kelowna, here is one of the key comparables.
The Province - March 7, 2018
Finance Minister Carole James appears to be rethinking parts of her new speculation tax and now says she’s working to address specific problems before the full rules are made public in the spring.
Vancouver Courier - March 7, 2018
Volunteers heading out next week to participate in an Indigenous homeless count across Metro Vancouver are not likely to see a decrease in the number of Indigenous people living on the street and in shelters.
The Province - March 7, 2018
More than 2,000 residential properties went undeclared, have been deemed unoccupied and will be taxed under Vancouver’s empty homes tax.
Business In Vancouver - March 7, 2018
Ottawa’s latest budget declared Vancouver’s housing market to be more balanced, but times remain tough for renters.
NewsCaf - March 6, 2018
Non-profit housing agencies in B.C. that were facing property-tax increases of tens of thousands of dollars – and the prospect of having to increase rents for some of the province's poorest tenants – have been given a reprieve after a last-minute scramble to recalculate the way their land is valued.
The Province - March 6, 2018
For Vancouver’s homeless youth, a bed is sometimes just a piece of cardboard.
Alberni Valley News - March 5, 2018
2018 homeless count will be part of a province-wide initiative.
The Province - March 5, 2018
Fine-tuning zoning and setting aside a portion of social housing for seniors are among the ways an aging population may be accommodated in Metro Vancouver, according to an international report by the Grosvenor Group.
The Province - March 11, 2018
Cindy Meston was born and grew up in Abbotsford and Vancouver, and bought her downtown Vancouver condo 19 years ago.
Vancouver Sun - March 9, 2018
Cindy Meston was born and grew up in Abbotsford and Vancouver, and bought her downtown Vancouver condo 19 years ago.
The Province - March 9, 2018
The best that can be said for the NDP government’s so-called speculation tax is that it isn’t in effect yet.
CTV British Columbia News - March 9, 2018
A Vancouver company is trying to grow its business by offering a unique workaround for homeowners who don’t want to pay the city's Empty Homes Tax on their unoccupied properties.
The Province - March 9, 2018
Despite being drenched on an inclement west coast evening, Jagmeet Singh adeptly avoided complaining about the Vancouver rain.
The Province - March 9, 2018
In 1989, after Concord Pacific bought the old Expo lands, the developer agreed to sell six lots at low-cost to city hall for affordable housing.
Vancouver Sun - March 9, 2018
Real estate experts in British Columbia predict residential home sales will dip this year but remain well above the province’s 10-year average, although they warn rising interest rates could leave some B.C. households “vulnerable.”
Vancouver Sun - March 8, 2018
“We're frustrated, because we don't know what the agenda of the government is, we don't know the direction that they're going in the housing market, and all they've done is signal to the market that it's going to be chaotic times ahead."
CHEK News - March 8, 2018
The pace of condominiums and apartments going up in Greater Victoria shows no signs of slowing down as figures for February housing starts have been released.
Western Investor - March 8, 2018
Lower-cost housing also delivers healthy capitalization rates and appreciation potential for investors in manufactured home parks.
The Georgia Straight - March 7, 2018
A litigator who specializes in municipal law suggests that a 2014 B.C. Supreme Court decision may be worth reading again.
The Province - March 7, 2018
Carole James, you have some explaining to do.
Peace Arch News - March 7, 2018
Out-of-province vacation homeowners aren’t speculators, some B.C. residents are.
Vancouver Sun - March 7, 2018
A new report from Canada’s largest community credit union says more than half of women in British Columbia experience “extreme emotional stress” when considering their financial situation.
Vancouver Sun - March 6, 2018
One of the things that makes my job as a public-opinion researcher so compelling is having the chance to test how the population will react to a particular issue or decision.
Global News - March 6, 2018
Say goodbye to B.C.’s loan program for first-time homebuyers.
Vancouver Sun - March 6, 2018
Foreign inflows are distorting Canada's already constrained housing market and aren't the kind of investment the country needs, RBC chief David McKay said.
The Province - March 5, 2018
Suggesting young people buy a cheap starter home in the suburbs and later buy in the city, as their parents did, is still valid today — as long as you consider places like Chilliwack and Hope as suburbs of Vancouver.
New Housing
CBCnews British Columbia - March 8, 2018
Council supports a development that includes 66 units of non-market housing for artists.
The Province of British Columbia - March 8, 2018
The B.C. government is working with the City of Chilliwack to create up to 46 units of new modular housing with 24/7 support that will help people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, transition towards a more stable life.
Western Investor - March 7, 2018
But costs have risen 40 per cent since the project was proposed, while market rents have yet to be revealed.
Vancouver - Daily Hive - March 6, 2018
Although construction is already well underway on the first phase of the Arbutus Village redevelopment, the local developer is now proposing an even more ambitious design for the second phase of the mixed-use project.
CBCnews British Columbia - March 6, 2018
But residents of tent city say supportive housing is not what they're looking for.
The Province - March 6, 2018
The City of Vancouver will build more units of modular housing to help homeless people, this time in East Vancouver.
Lived Experience
NewsCaf - March 9, 2018
At El Barbero, a new Fraser Street barbershop where Mikey Sbeih cuts hair and trims beards for a wide range of clients, there is one overriding topic of conversation: housing affordability.

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