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Defense and Security Press Review: Latin America and the Caribbean / April 2020
Jane's 360 - 15/04/2020
from a batch of 20 purchased in 2016 from Italy. All 20 were delivered to Argentina in 2018, and prior to being handed over to the...
Mönch Publishing Group - 14/04/2020
Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA), the Argentine government-owned aircraft manufacturer, has delivered the sixth IA 63 PAMPA... - 6/04/2020
Argentina entrega 195 vehículos y 720 cámaras a sus cuerpos de seguridad
Army Recognition - 9/04/2020
Ford Igarreta delivered first Militarized Rangers to Argentine Army
Segurilatam - 4/04/2020
y está creciendo. Queremos detener este delito que afecta a muchos niños en Argentina y en el mundo. Por eso, año a año...
Mönch Publishing Group - 25/03/2020
New Unmanned Helicopter Launched in Argentina
Mönch Publishing Group - 7/04/2020
. If the Japanese vehicles are not the subjects of these requirements, Brazil could become an unlikely driver for development of a...
Chile - 16/04/2020
y Contra el Crimen Organizado (Jenanco) de la Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI) adjudicó a Importadora y Comercial Mir &... - 10/04/2020
del Territorio Marítimo y de Marina Mercante (Directemar) de la Armada de Chile adjudicó a Impomak la compra de 120 filtros Scott... - 8/04/2020
de Prevención del Delito del Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile adjudicó a Ingesmart el arriendo de un sistema de
Mönch Publishing Group - 27/03/2020
navigation. Santiago Rivas and Florencia Lucero Heguy The COTECMAR-designed buoy tender intended for DIMAR in Colombia. (Image via...
Mönch Publishing Group - 14/04/2020
, Walter Martos Ruiz. FAP Operations Command received the plane after assembly in Peru. The force will receive a total of 18 from...
Uruguay - 16/04/2020
, quedando la empresa Floridian, subsidiaria de Autolíder (Mercedes Benz Uruguay, Lamborghini y Porsche) como único y previsible...
Mönch Publishing Group - 14/04/2020
New Helicopters for Uruguay