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Revue Presse pour Platinum Security Exhibition / Octobre 2019
Equipement - Marché Sécurité Privée - 22/10/2019
flying drones. Kaspersky Antidrone software coordinates the work of several hardware modules provided by partners and distinguishes drones - 21/10/2019
in arrests, but city officials say they highlight the need for greater security so that residents and employees feel safe. Graham and Police
Protection Securité Magazine - 16/10/2019
Sécurité privée. Partenariat entre Onet Sécurité et Azur Drones
Aviation International News - 15/10/2019
airports worldwide, to conduct an extensive assessment of security and safety requirements. At Paris Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports,
Professional Security - 14/10/2019
CCTV and security system installers, Check Your Security. Based in East Anglia, with offices in London and Liverpool, Check Your Security
Sécurité des infrastructures de loisir / événementielle
Homeland Security Today - 23/10/2019
where both the drone and the controller are in order to notify the MetLife Stadium security. Read more at Commercial Drone Professional
Les Echos - 18/10/2019
France, l’équipement et la formation sont les pierres angulaires de la sécurité des Jeux Olympiques qui se tiendront à l'été 2024 à Paris.
Sécurité des entreprises
WILX News 10 - 10/10/2019
up." There are surveillance cameras at Pryor's Barbecue on the city's south side, a security feature the owner says he can't go without.
Sécurité de l'immatériel / cybersécurité
L'Usine Nouvelle - 19/10/2019
États, banques et énergéticiens en tête des cibles des cyberattaques