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Water Online - March 8, 2021
The Orange County Water District (OCWD; the District) Board of Directors voted unanimously to nominate and endorse OCWD First Vice President
Orange County Water District - March 10, 2021
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California Water News
Press-Enterprise - March 11, 2021
water as a new water supply that can finally free California forever from the threat of drought. The electorate recognizes the need for
FOX40 - March 9, 2021
Counties. Officials: California heading toward another drought year Officials: California heading toward another drought year The latest
jfleck at inkstain - March 9, 2021
director of the Association of California Water Agencies; and Tracy Quinn, Director, California Urban Water Policy, Healthy People &
Los Angeles Times - Powered by Dow Jones - March 7, 2021
such as the DWP, Pacific Gas & Electric and the California Department of Water Resources to split costs and reduce energy and water use ...
Antelope Valley Press - March 7, 2021
leadership on the issue. “California Republicans have a reputation of fighting for fair water policies, and our delegation is made
Bloomberg Law - March 5, 2021
California water regulators are requiring water suppliers to shift wells offline, blend sources, or notify customers when they detect a
National Water News
Nature World News - March 11, 2021
regulator in charge of restoring the Trump administration's relaxed air and water pollution rules. Regan served as secretary of the for four
WREG.com - March 9, 2021
who represent Southern California introduced a bill called the Border Water Quality Restoration Act. Similar legislation was presented last
KTVU-TV - March 9, 2021
dry conditions. Parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah are considered to be in an "exceptional drought," the most intense
East Bay Times - March 5, 2021
now Sierra snowpack at 61% as new drought looms for California this summer Letters: End the
Regional Water News
AP (Hosted) - March 9, 2021
Orange County Water Association - March 10, 2021
Recent years have witnessed the emergence of PFAS in our nation’s groundwaters. A family of man-made compounds, PFAS pose multiple health risks. Developed in the 1940s for their unique oil- and water-repellent properties, as well as their resistance to degradation, the very characteristics that made them so useful have made them hard to breakdown and remove, especially from water. For this, they’ve been dubbed “forever chemicals.”
Water Reuse & Desal
Breitbart News Network - March 7, 2021
fresh water would provide a solution. Both desalination and “toilet-to-tap” utilize new developments in reverse osmosis technology, which
Ventura County Star - Powered by Dow Jones - March 6, 2021
sustainable water supply. VenturaWaterPure, the long-anticipated potable reuse project, will divert water that is currently discharged to ...
ABC-7.com - March 5, 2021
FORT MYERS, Fla.– The Florida Bill for toilet-to-tap water is gaining traction after it passed through the Environmental, Agriculture and
KAUZ-TV: NewsChannel 6 Now - March 5, 2021
is gaining some positive attention. The city implemented Indirect Potable Reuse and Direct Potable Reuse water systems in response to the

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