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Bloomberg - January 10, 2018
When BMW AG revealed it was designing electric versions of its X3 SUV and Mini, the going rate for 21 kilograms of cobalt—the amount of the......
and Mini, the going rate for 21 kilograms of cobalt—the amount of the metal needed to power typical car batteries—was under $600. Only 16
…the going rate for 21 kilograms of cobalt—the amount of the metal needed to power typical car batteries—was under $600…Only 16 months later, the price tag is approaching $1,700 and climbing by the day… “It’s gotten more hectic over the past year,” said Markus Duesmann, BMW’s head of procurement, who’s responsible for securing raw materials used in lithium-ion batteries, such as cobalt, manganese and nickel. “We need to keep a close eye, especially on lithium and cobalt, because of the danger of supply scarcity.”...Automakers are finding themselves in unfamiliar—and uncomfortable—terrain, where miners such as Glencore Plc and China Molybdenum Co. for the first time have all the bargaining power to dictate supplies…Even a more realistic scenario for people to drive 30 million electric cars by 2030 requires output to be more than trebled, according to a study commissioned by Glencore from commodity analysts CRU Group…The projections have made the lustrous metal, a byproduct of copper and nickel mining, into one of the most coveted commodities…“There just isn’t enough cobalt to go around,” said George Heppel, a consultant at CRU. “The auto companies that’ll be the most successful in maintaining long-term stability in terms of raw materials will be the ones that purchase the cobalt and then supply that to their battery manufacturer.”…To adjust to the new reality, some carmakers are recruiting geologists to learn more about the minerals that may someday be as important to transport as oil is now. Tesla Inc. just hired an engineer who supervised a nickel-cobalt refinery in New Caledonia for Vale SA to help with procurement…BMW is willing to pay upfront for a medium-term supply deal, one step short of taking stakes in miners…“Carmakers are open to different forms of cooperation,” including long-term contracts, streaming deals and joint ventures, Potanin said in an interview. “We are in talks now over those projects. But for us it’s not clear how deep we need to go.”…By 2025 the dominant composition will be 80 percent nickel and 10 percent cobalt, according to UBS AG forecasts… “There’s going to be a supply shortage, so right now the suppliers have the upper hand,”
Bloomberg - January 8, 2018
Kia Motors Corp. is the latest automaker to get amped up about electrification, pledging to roll out 16 new advanced powertrain vehicles by......
Of the 16 new models, 10 will arrive in the U.S. by 2020, spokesman James Bell said.
Nikkei Asian Review - January 10, 2018
World's top producer to assist with US electric car maker's China expansion
Panasonic will consider making batteries for Tesla's electric cars in China, Kazuhiro Tsuga, Panasonic's president, told reporters Tuesday during a group interview at this year's CES trade show in Las Vegas.
Panasonic will probably follow Tesla's lead and make any necessary investments, but a detailed schedule has not been determined yet, Tsuga said.
The World Economic Forum - January 10, 2018
In brief Startup Electro.Aero and aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel have started test flights for an all-electric plane above an airport in......
, where it glides almost as silently as an electric car. Furthermore, flying electric is considerably cleaner than using fossil fuels.
As the world prepares for an all-electric vehicle (EV) future and numerous countries plan to do away with combustion-engine cars, it comes as no surprise that the next EVs are airplanes…This plane runs on two lithium-ion batteries, like those in Tesla’s EVs, that can keep it in the air for an hour, with some 30 minutes of extra power in reserve. The batteries can supposedly give the plane 1,000 flying hours in total over their lifetimes. A supercharger based in Jandakot Airport can supply the Alpha Electro with a full charge within about one hour… To run the Alpha Electro’s engine, for example, costs only about $3 an hour. The plane efficiently uses electricity, needing only 60 kilowatts of power to take off and only 20kW to cruise, where it glides almost as silently as an electric car…Furthermore, flying electric is considerably cleaner than using fossil fuels. That’s especially crucial in today’s fight against climate change, as the aviation industry is said to be among the largest contributors in carbon emissions, from the more than 20,000 planes used all over the world.
DefenceWeb - January 11, 2018
Boeing on Wednesday unveiled a prototype for an unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing cargo air vehicle (CAV) that the planemaker......
Boeing on Wednesday unveiled a prototype for an unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing cargo air vehicle (CAV) that the planemaker
Chicago-based Boeing’s development of the environmentally-friendly electric propulsion system comes as the race intensifies to advance battery technology and electric motors to lower flying costs and move away from fossil fuels…Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens came together in November to develop a hybrid electric engine, with Airbus responsible for the control architecture of the propulsion system and batteries…In October, a Seattle-area startup - backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing and JetBlue Airways Corp - announced plans to bring a small hybrid-electric commuter aircraft to market by 2022.
Bloomberg - January 10, 2018
Mining code to increase royalty taxes on ‘strategic’ materials Legislation awaiting Senate approval to be signed into law
metal just as the world begins to embrace electric vehicles. Congo, the world’s biggest cobalt producer, will increase the royalty miners
Congo, the world’s biggest cobalt producer, will increase the royalty miners pay on exports of the metal to 5 percent from 2 percent if it opts to categorize cobalt as a “strategic substance,” Mines Minister Martin Kabwelulu told the country’s Senate last week…Plans to dramatically increase the production of electric vehicles resulted in the price of the metal more than tripling in the past two years as miners and automakers scrambled to secure supply. The boom hasn’t gone unnoticed in Congo, whose mines supply about two-thirds of global output…. The new legislation will guarantee Congo “the flexibility to face unforeseen developments in the international market if the international economic situation demands it” by permitting the government to declare certain minerals “strategic substances,” Kabwelulu told senators Jan. 5, according to a transcript of his remarks…In addition to the new royalty tax on strategic minerals, the draft law also: Increases royalties on gold from 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent; Introduces a profit-windfall tax; Doubles the state’s free share to 10 percent; and, Reduces the period during which contract stability is guaranteed to five years from 10 years.
The Citizen - January 10, 2018
A 78-year-old prelate is likely to play a key role this year in shaping the future of one of Africa’s most important and volatile states.
. DRC is rich in minerals, especially cobalt — a critical metal for lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and electric cars — but is
His outspokenness has now turned him into a rallying figure for protest against President Joseph Kabila, whose regime is tarred with a reputation for corruption, repression and incompetence…Last week, Monsengwo placed himself on a potential collision course with Kabila over a New Year’s Eve crackdown on Catholic demonstrators demanding an end to Kabila’s 17 years in power — more than a year beyond his constitutional term…Witnesses said troops and police unleashed tear gas in churches and fired bullets into the air to break up gatherings. An AFP reporter at a demonstration in the central city of Kananga saw a man shot in the chest by soldiers who opened fire on worshippers…The protest organisers said 12 were killed, while the UN gave a toll of at least five dead, 92 injured and 180 people arrested — a figure that it said could be “far higher,” as its investigators had been barred from visiting morgues, hospitals and detention centres…DRC is rich in minerals, especially cobalt — a critical metal for lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and electric cars — but is hampered by great inequality and a history of violence.
For further information about the NICO Project and its Mineral Reserves, please refer to the Technical Report on the Feasibility Study for NICO, entitled "Technical Report on the Feasibility Study for the NICO-Gold-Cobalt-Bismuth-Copper Project, Northwest Territories, Canada", dated April 2, 2014 and prepared by Micon, which has been filed on SEDAR and is available under the Company's profile at


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